We warmly welcome you to use Polar-Honey Finland's web shop. Before starting, we recommend updating your Internet browser to the latest version. The shop is using the most advanced programming language in order to garantee you fast shopping experience. The shop works best with the latest Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari. Using our web shop is easy with mobile phones and tablets because the shop is scalable according to the device. The shop is now split according to regions, which makes storage monitoring easier.

You can order from our webshop as a guest or registered user. Customers registered to our old webshop have to create a new user account, as transferring the data from the old shop to the new one is unfortunately not possible. We recommend creating a user account, logging in and registering your address information already before ordering in order to have an updated view on shipping costs in the shopping cart. Also the prices will be updated in case a customer is ordering outside EU (VAT-free sales). Shopping cart might calculate the shipping costs to your total amount also when you are not logged in, but you have ordered from our site before or visited our webshop.

Registration gives you a more precise way to follow your order and allows you to see your full order history. By subscribing our newsletter and registration you can also receive campaign codes and other discounts to your e-mail address.


Shopping cart

Shopping cart remains in the memory of the server regardless of if you are visiting the page or a registered user. You can add items to your cart by pressing the shopping cart-icon by your desired product or writing the number of products and pressing the “add to cart”-button on the information page of the product. You can view your shopping cart by pressing the icon in order to see all the products in the cart.

The shopping cart icon of a product will not remain active, if there are only few of the products left. The products can still be ordered by opening the information page of the product and adding it to the shopping cart there. The system will inform you of the limited availability of the product, if you try to order over the storage status.

When you are ready to order, open your shopping cart and choose “Continue ordering”. You can add or reduce the amount of products by pressing the + and – signs or remove products by pressing the trash can icon. The shopping cart will alert you, if some product is not available or has a limited quantity.

You can also observe the contents of your cart and check the discounts you are utilizing. You can also add a possible campaign code received by e-mail. After this you can move forward to checkout. You can also move back to continue shopping.



At the first stage you can create a user account or log in to your existing user account, if you have one and you have not logged in yet. You can also continue without registration: in that case leave the password field empty.

At the second stage you can put in your personal information and choose the right ones from the saved data. If you order without registration, you will fill in your address. The delivery and payment address can be different, if you want to make a gift order. The means and costs of delivery will be determined by the delivery address solely.

At the third stage you will choose the delivery method. You can also see the prices for different delivery options. At this point you can add any special requests regarding to the delivery. Please notice, that the requests are not delivered to the mail carrier.

At the fourth stage you choose the payment method. The payment options depend on the country of the customer making the order.

By choosing “Confirm order”, the order will be made (invoice/bank transfer) and the customer will be directed to the payment page of the payment provider. You must return to the web shop after the payment so that we get a notice of your order. You get an automatic confirmation of your order, when it is successful, and a payment notice from the payment provider.

If you want to make changes to your order or cancel it, you can do it by being in contact with our customer service.

Bonus levels

Currently we have three different bonus levels on our web shop which can be utilized all over the world. Bonus level and the discount are affected by subtotal of the shopping cart.

Bonus level 1: Subtotal 50 € -> Discount 5 €

Bonus level 2: Subtotal 100 € -> Discount 10 €

Bonus level 3: Subtotal 150 € -> Discount 15 €

The prices and discounts of the products are always counted as including VAT. If you order outside EU, the prices will change to VAT-free latest while choosing the payment option. At that point the currently applied VAT will be degraded from the price of the products and the discounts.

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Finland and Åland Islands
Posti Postipaketti: 5.90 €
Over 60 € orders free of charge

Posti Kotipaketti: 12.90 €
Over 120 € orders home delivery free of charge

Pick-up Lappi-Tupa: 0 €

BONUS LEVELS (Prices to VAT-free countries differ)

Bonus level 1:
Subtotal 50 € -> Discount 5 €

Bonus level 2:
Subtotal 100 € -> Discount 10 €

Bonus level 3:
Subtotal 150 € -> Discount 15 €