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Lappi-Hunaja / Polar-Honey (Online Shop)
Sahamäentie 25
27230 Lappi

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+358 44 557 2221

Other Finnish delicacies

The pure nature of Finland offers great opportunities for foraging natural products. In addition to our special honeys, we also offer honey mustards, propolis, pollen, teas flavored with Finnish berries as well as honey jams and candies. All our products are natural products from Finnish nature and burst authentic flavors from the forests and fields of our beautiful country.


  • Finnish jams with honey

    Finnish berries and honey - what a divine union! Arctic nature offers a great harvest of berries, and we have utilized it by combining them to jams with the high-quality honey from our beehives. The honey jams have no sugar as a sweetener, and they are without additives. In the selection you can find jams from real arctic berries.

  • Honey mustards

    Our product range includes also other products like delicious mustards with honey. All our mustards have honey as a sweetener giving a nice, soft flavour. You will definitely find your favourite amongst our honey mustards - possibly one with garlic or chili? Our mustards are a perfect companion for sausages, cheese boards or grilled food.

    All our honey mustards are free of cholesterol, gluten, egg and milk. All the mustards contain honey as one of the ingredients.

  • Propolis and bee pollen

    Propolis extract comes from pure Finnish nature. Propolis is a resin-like substance which bees collect and refine from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. Bees collect plenty of propolis during spring and autumn. Propolis has an important task in protecting the bee hive against bacteria, fungi and even viruses.

    Pollen is an authentic natural product collected by bees. Bees collect the pollen by gathering it in pouches in their back legs and transporting it to the hive as nutrition to the larvae. Pollen is usually yellow in colour, but it can vary from pure white to bluish black based on the origin flower.

  • Delicious teas

    Our tea selection is made in Finland, mixed by hand and will take you on a journey of flavours. Finnish herbs and berries have been used in these teas to to give you real the taste of Finnish nature. High quality teas have been chosen in a way, that our special honeys complement the flavours of these teas. Nordic nature and innovations offer you an opportunity to taste exciting special teas like liquorice tea and blueberry tea with real Finnish blueberries.

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