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Lappi-Hunaja / Polar-Honey (Online Shop)
Sahamäentie 25
27230 Lappi

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+358 44 557 2221

Finnish natural honeys

In Polar-Honey Finland we use a lot of time and effort to produce our honey. For us, honey is like wine. For some people wine is simply just red or white, but connoisseurs will discover an abundance of distinctive and exciting flavours. The unique Finnish nature with individual flora and a special microclimate make this possible.

Our special honeys are carefully selected pearls of the best flavours from Finnish nature. For example, our Arctic Honey production takes place as transfer farming in the uninhabited areas of North Karelia and Northern Savonia. There is no inhabitation, farms or fields in the flying range of the bees, which results in pure and natural honey.

Monofloral honeys from one certain origin are named by the original plant, like heather honey and buckwheat honey. In these honeys, the characters of the original flower are strongly represented and recognizable in flavour, colour, smell and consistency. The beekeeper can collect certain honey from a specific area, where the plant grows in large numbers. Bees collect nectar from the plants closest to the beehive to reduce their workload, and their effective flying range is only 3 kilometres.

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