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Arctic Honey
  • Arctic Honey
  • Arctic Honey
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  • Arctic Honey
  • Arctic Honey and Flower

Arctic Honey 115g


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Arctic honey is our specialty, to which we devote extra care and love.

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Arctic honey is our specialty, to which we devote extra care and love. This is our family's most well-known product!

We produce our Arctic honey in carefully chosen regions of Lapland, Northern Savonia and North Karelia, deep in the untouched wilderness sheltered by age-old forests and inhabited by elks and bears. The main flora in the area consists of fireweed, cloudberry, lingonberry, and other wild flowers blossom. This honey is collected only from wild, naturally occurring plants, making Arctic honey the purest honey possible.

Arctic honey is characterised by long lasting liquidity and a fresh, fruity flavour. The taste, colour and other characteristics of this honey vary somewhat from year to year, as Arctic honey is produced in natural areas where it is especially difficult to predict changes during the season.

Storage recommendation:
Room temperature, dry and dark place
If honey turns crystallized, you can place jar in a pot of warm water, set heat to medium-low and stir until crystals dissolve

All our honeys are Finnish natural products: nothing is added to them and they are not pasteurized.

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