This is the data protection policy and person file description of Pasiina Oy / Polar-Honey Finland (later stated as company) based on customer data protection law (10 and 24 §) and the general data protection policy of European Union 2016/679 (GDPR). Created on 4th of May 2018. The last amendment was made on 4th of May 2018.

This document explains how the company uses, hands over and stores your personal information. This document applies to situations, where a customer buys products offered by the company, makes business with the company or is in contact with the company by other means, for example by visiting the company's website or sales booth. The data protection policy also applies regarding to handling customer information of a customer account in the web shop of the company.

To insure the safe procedures with handling personal information, we inform you with this document, how the information is handled based on the valid data protection law and GDPR data protection policy.

1. Registry holder

  • Trade name: Pasiina Oy
  • Auxiliary trade names: Lappi-Hunaja / Arktischer-Honig Finnland / Polar-Honey Finland
  • Address: Sahamäentie 25, 27230 Lappi
  • Email:, Tel. +358 44 557 2221
  • VAT registration number: FI08390701
  • Trade register number: 511.002
  • Place of registered office: Rauma, Finland

2. Contact person of the registry holder:
Tanja Laakkonen or Anita Ylitalo, tel. +358 44 557 2221,

3. Title of the registry
Customer and marketing registry of Pasiina Oy

4. Legal grounds and usage of the personal information
Collecting and handling personal information is necessary in order for you to visit our website, buy products or contact us in order to use our services and gain information. The meaning of the collection of personal information is to contact customers, keep up the customer relations, contact customers regarding to problematic situations and to do our marketing procedures via email.

The ground for a company to handle personal information can be related to customer relations, contract or consent. The consent can be requested unambiguous, when you for example fill out a ticket in one of our sales stands to take part on a draw, or expressively, when you for example subscribe our newsletter from our website.

The information collected throughout the buying procedures is needed, so you can make agreements with the company, the company can deliver your order and the company can send you offers and news through email.

If you have a user account with the company, the company will collect personal information from you while you register the account. The company will also collect information regarding to your account on the time when you are the holder of the account. This information includes your purchase history, IP address and information on how and how often you use the web shop of the company.

The information is not used for automated decision making or profiling.

5. Information contents of the registry
5.1 The customers of the company's web shop and holders of a customer account

  • Title
  • First name and last name
  • Address
  • Telephone number and email address
  • IP address
  • Purchase history

5.2 Participants of the draw and subscribers of the newsletter

  • Email address

5.3 Storing the personal information
Your personal information is stored only if it is required for the purpose they have been collected for based on this data protection policy. The company can use the information for an extended period, if fulfilling the requirements of the law or controlling the legal rights of the company require it, for example for an ongoing juridical procedure.

Web shop (customers): For five years
Web shop (holders of a customer account): If you have a customer account, and you have not requested terminating it
Email marketing: If you have not unsubscribed the service
Email database: For seven years
Accounting purposes: If we are required to store information based on the valid accounting law

6. Lawful sources of information
The company can collect your personal information, when you do purchases in the web shop of the company, visit the website, subscribe the newsletter, visit the company's sales booth on the markets or fairs or contact the company by other means.

7. Legally handing out information and transferring data to outside the EU/ETA countries
Your personal information is received by:

  • The company and its workers
  • Payment intermediary, who receives your payment
  • Transporting company, who delivers your order
  • Accountant, who checks our book keeping
  • IT companies, who update our website or our electronic marketing

We do not sell your personal information to third parties if we don't have your permission for it. Personal information can be published based on the agreement with the customer, for example the name of the winner of a draw.

The information can be transferred outside EU and ETA countries by the registry holder if a partner of the company is located there. If the information is transferred outside the EU or ETA countries, the company will do procedures to insure, that the information is still fully protected and makes all legal procedures to transfer the personal information lawfully.

8. Basics of the protection of the registry
The registry is handled with care and information systems are ensuring the updated data protection. When registry information is stored on internet servers, the physical and digital safety of the equipment is well maintained. The registry holder is responsible for limiting the handling of the information only to the employees, who are directly responsible for the task. The registry holder takes care of confidential handling of stored information, the user rights of the server and other critical information related to the protection of the personal information.

9. Rights to control and demand correcting of data
Every person in the registry has a right to check their own personal information stored in the registry and demand correcting any false data or amending inadequate data. If a person wants to check the stored information or request a correction of it, the person must send a written request to the registry holder. The registry holder can ask the person to prove their identity if needed. The registry holder will respond to the customer in a time frame based on the European Union's data protection regulation (usually within one month).

10. Other rights of the handling the personal information
People in the registry have a right to demand the termination of their personal information in the registry ("the right to be forgotten"). Based on the European Union's data protection policy, they also have other rights and right to limit the usage of the personal information in certain situations. The requests need to be sent in a written form to the registry holder. The registry holder can ask the person to prove their identity if needed. The registry holder will respond to the customer in a time frame based on the European Union's data protection regulation (usually within one month).


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