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Arktischer-Honig / Polar-Honey (Online Shop)
Sahamäentie 25
27230 Lappi

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+358 44 557 2221


  • Our honeys

    Our wide selection of products includes exotic honeys and delicous flavored honeys that you can't find anywhere else in the world. More than 75 years of experience and determined development of production methods enable our wide and high quality product range. Honey can naturally be either liquid, solid or jelly-like.

    We produce rare honey types that mother nature provides us in different parts of Finland in areas varied by the vegetation and micro climate. In Western Finland we have beautiful fields, meadows and heaths. The uninhabited forest and swamp areas in Eastern Finland give our honey a wild nature, while in the North the Polar Circles midsummer nights and the vegetation of Lapland gives a unique spark to our honey.

    We cannot compete with the price of cheap mass production countries. Instead we consider the vegetation, the cleanliness of the area and the professional treatment of the honey. We always work on the terms of nature and have our priorities in quality over quantity. Our beehives are placed far away from the common roads and suburbs, which guarantees the high quality of our honey.

    In addition, we have several years of experience in producing quality flavored honeys. Our selection includes honeys flavored with ginger, mint, vanilla, salty licorice, eucalyptus and raspberry, among others.

  • Other Finnish delicacies

    The pure nature of Finland offers great opportunities for foraging natural products. In addition to our special honeys, we also offer honey mustards, propolis, pollen, teas flavored with Finnish berries as well as honey jams and candies. All our products are natural products from Finnish nature and burst authentic flavors from the forests and fields of our beautiful country.

  • Honey sets and gifts

    You can choose a ready-made gift, tasting or honey set from our selection. They are an excellent way to try more than one honey at once or to organize a tasting event with friends and family or to enrich your cheese board. Our gift sets are carefully created with love and will certainly be a lovely present for anyone appreciating good food.

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