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Welcome to the web shop of Polar-Honey Finland. We are a family business, which is located in the small village of Lappi in Rauma, Satakunta county and we produce high-quality honey. Our family has had a tradition of beekeeping for over 75 years. In 1945 beekeeping became a main profession for Into Seikkula, and in 1991 the beekeeping business moved through succession to his son, Pasi Seikkula.

During the summertime Polar-Honey has almost 400 beehives located all around Finland from the Western coast to the Eastern border and above the Polar Circle. We use the traditional, ecological wooden beehives. The Finnish Beekeepers Association has praised our company with the highest title for the beekeepers “Beekeeper of the Year”. Our honey products have received numerous prizes in competitions and received plenty of media publicity in Finland as well as abroad.

In addition to special natural honeys, we offer flavored honeys, honey mustards, propolis and bee pollen. Over the past couple of years we have launched the "Lapland"-series of rare honeys from the Polar Circle area. We are the biggest honey producer in the polar region. We have recently expanded our range with other high-quality Finnish-made products: tea, honey jams and honey candies. From now on our most popular types of honey are also available in glass jars!

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