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Arktischer-Honig / Polar-Honey (Online Shop)
Sahamäentie 25
27230 Lappi

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Our honeys

Our wide selection of products includes exotic honeys and delicous flavored honeys that you can't find anywhere else in the world. More than 75 years of experience and determined development of production methods enable our wide and high quality product range. Honey can naturally be either liquid, solid or jelly-like.

We produce rare honey types that mother nature provides us in different parts of Finland in areas varied by the vegetation and micro climate. In Western Finland we have beautiful fields, meadows and heaths. The uninhabited forest and swamp areas in Eastern Finland give our honey a wild nature, while in the North the Polar Circles midsummer nights and the vegetation of Lapland gives a unique spark to our honey.

We cannot compete with the price of cheap mass production countries. Instead we consider the vegetation, the cleanliness of the area and the professional treatment of the honey. We always work on the terms of nature and have our priorities in quality over quantity. Our beehives are placed far away from the common roads and suburbs, which guarantees the high quality of our honey.

In addition, we have several years of experience in producing quality flavored honeys. Our selection includes honeys flavored with ginger, mint, vanilla, salty licorice, eucalyptus and raspberry, among others.


  • Finnish natural honeys

    In Polar-Honey Finland we use a lot of time and effort to produce our honey. For us, honey is like wine. For some people wine is simply just red or white, but connoisseurs will discover an abundance of distinctive and exciting flavours. The unique Finnish nature with individual flora and a special microclimate make this possible.

    Our special honeys are carefully selected pearls of the best flavours from Finnish nature. For example, our Arctic Honey production takes place as transfer farming in the uninhabited areas of North Karelia and Northern Savonia. There is no inhabitation, farms or fields in the flying range of the bees, which results in pure and natural honey.

    Monofloral honeys from one certain origin are named by the original plant, like heather honey and buckwheat honey. In these honeys, the characters of the original flower are strongly represented and recognizable in flavour, colour, smell and consistency. The beekeeper can collect certain honey from a specific area, where the plant grows in large numbers. Bees collect nectar from the plants closest to the beehive to reduce their workload, and their effective flying range is only 3 kilometres.

  • Delicious flavored honeys

    The base of all our flavored honeys is the mouth-watering real natural honey (98-99% of the product). Natural oil or aroma has been added to the products, but no other additives. The flavored honeys are a versatile addition to desserts, drinks and baking or as a spread on toast or buns.

    Flavored honeys can also be enjoyed as such for sweet cravings. What would a honey day sound like instead of a candy day? Honey is a healthy and natural alternative to caramels and can be used in much more versatile ways.

  • Honey from Lapland

    Honeys from Lapland are our own treasures that we can produce in limited quantities each year. Summer in the North is noticeably short, but intense. The nightless night gives the honey collected from the wildflowers of Lapland a unique and refined taste. These specialties are impossible to find anywhere else in the world, and according to our research, we produce the northernmost honey in the world.

  • Honey buckets 1,3kg

    If Winnie the Pooh’s craving for honey is no match for you, this honey jar size is your choice! This amount of honey gives you the freedom to enjoy of the honey as much as you like – take another spoon on your breakfast! These jars are perfect size for an enthusiastic baker, tea drinker or a chef.

  • Honey in glass jar

    A selection of our best honeys is now also available in an ecological glass jar. We have chosen delicious natural honeys and honey from northern Finland to be packed in glass jars.

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