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Finnish natural honeys

In Polar-Honey Finland we use a lot of time and effort to produce our honey. For us, honey is like wine. For some people wine is simply just red or white, but connoisseurs will discover an abundance of distinctive and exciting flavours. Our production methods have been carefully developed, resulting in a superior product selection, which includes exotic honeys that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The unique Finnish nature with individual flora and special microclimate make this possible.

Our special honeys are carefully selected pearls of the best flavours from Finnish nature. For example, our Arctic Honey production takes place as transfer farming in the uninhabited areas in North Karelia and Northern Savonia. There is no inhabitation, farms or fields in the flying range of the bees, which results to pure and natural honey.

Monofloral honeys are the royals of the honey world, because the flavours are clean and the honey consists mainly nectar from just one kind of flower. The tastes are original and memorable, like the hints of caramel and carnation in lingonberry honey or the slight bitterness of heather honey. In cloudberry honey you can find the lush aroma of the swamp, and the buckwheat honey gives a malty smell and taste and harmonic burned sugar flavour. You never forget a delicious taste!

Finnish natural honeys

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