Uses of honey

Honey can replace sugar in almost anything

Finnish squeaky cheese topped with honeyMany customers ask tips on what to use honey for. Honey can be used for a variety of things, the same way as sugar. Most of us just have not really thought of using honey in that way, so we think we need some special way to use it. Many people place a jar of sugar in the kitchen on a visible place, but you could do the same with a jar of honey, so you remember to use it. So, don’t hide your honey jar in the cupboard but have it there ready to use it to give flavour to your everyday meals.

Honey does not have to be used as much as sugar to gain the same amount of sweetness. Honey also has about 20% less calories than in white sugar, so you can sweeten your food and drinks with less calories and in a healthier way.

If you prefer honey in liquid consistency or your favourites are the more solid honey types, worry not – in the vast honey selection of our web shop you will find what you need.

Just as it is

Enjoy a teaspoon of honey as a dessert after a meal. Honey helps to digest your food and to use the nutrients in the food more effectively to benefit your body.

Honey also is a good sweetener for alcohol free drinks.

In tea, coffee and other drinks

It’s easy to minimize your sugar intake, when you replace sugar with honey in tea, coffee and other drinks. You can also give new aroma to black and green tea with flavoured honeys. You can also replace sugar with honey in homemade juices. Honey also is a good sweetener for alcohol free and alcoholic drinks.

Our flavored honeys are a prefect companion for different drinks. You can see the lovely selection in our web shop.

While having sports

Honey gives you energy immediately and keeps you going for a long time because of the varied sugar consistency. Mix a little bit of honey in your sports drink and you get a good power drink to enjoy during the performance. Honey drink also helps you to recover after the training. First mix honey with warm water and then add it to your bottle.

Honey is sweet and sour and it gives a good flavour in meat dishes, woks and sauces.

To spice up your cooking

Honey is sweet and sour and it gives a good flavour in meat dishes, woks and sauces. By marinating meat and chicken with honey you also increase the storage life of the product. Oven fish glazed with honey gets a beautiful colour and it deepens the natural flavour of the fish.

Honey mustards are a great way to spice up your dishes. You can see the selection in our web shop.

With sides

A classic: Russian pickled cucumbers, honey and sour cream. Have you tried already? How about the Finnish squeaky cheese topped with honey and a little bit of cream - and a little while in the oven or a microwave, served with cloudberry or lingonberry marmalade.

Salad dressings

Spice up your salad dressings with honey. Honey enhances the fresh nutrients to absorb. Honey is the queen of the spices for salad dressings!

With root vegetables

Honey enhances the fresh flavour of the root vegetables. You can add honey to the boiling water of the vegetables. If you fry them on a pan or in the oven, you can drizzle the honey on them at the end of the frying time. Honey gives vegetables a nice shine, enhances the colour and enriches the flavour.

Preserve some of the harvested summer berries with honey.

Freezing the berries

Preserve some of the harvested summer berries with honey. You can drizzle the honey on the whole berries or in the puree. By flavouring the pureed currants with honey and freezing them in small portions you get a delicious and healthy addition to your meals in the winter. The pureed honey berries are especially delicious with game dishes.

With your breakfast

With cereals, yogurt, porridge, cheese and toast. Try honey on a rye bread - amazing combination! How about a berry or a fruit smoothie with honey?

Flavouring the desserts

Honey with pancakes, waffles and crepes is a yummy idea! Try also to use honey with ice cream of quark and also with fruity and berry desserts.

Rare honeys from under the midnight sun are a perfect addition to desserts. See our special honeys from Lapland in our web shop.

The bakery items sweetened with honey have a longer storage life.

In baking

The bakery items sweetened with honey have a longer storage life. Replace a part of the sugar with honey. ¾ dl of honey measures 1dl of sugar. Honey is moist, so you should decrease the amount of liquid in the recipe a little bit. When you use honey, you should decrease the temperature (for example from 200 degrees to 180 degrees) and increase the cooking time.

Glazing the baked items

You can glaze your oven fresh buns with milk-honey mixture. Honey melts in the warm milk in no time. You can drizzle honey over a hot pie. Honey gives flavour and a beautiful colour on the surface. All apple and berry pies love honey!

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