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Queen yogurt with honey, jam and pollen

A layered yogurt is a great start into the day!Our homemade berry jams are a delight for your tastebuds! They are sweetened with our own honeys. which ensures that we don’t need to add any other sugar or additives. Try out our unique honey jams, e.g., added to a layered yogurt or with cheese!

Queen yogurt

A layered yogurt is a great start into the day!


  • yogurt (no flavors added)
  • cereals
  • our raspberry jam
  • blueberries
  • our bee pollen
  • our Arctic Honey

Follow these simple steps for your great start into your day: Using a spoon, add a layer of each on top of each other: yogurt, cereals, jam, and blueberries Last but not least garnish the top with honey and bee pollen. And you’re done! Enjoy!

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