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14.04.2020 - Working hard in the honey office delivering your orders

The first rays of spring sun are warming up nicely and bees are making their first careful flights around the surrounding fields. At this unusual time it is especially important to take care of your health and keep in contact with the loved ones. It’s also a perfect opportunity to explore our internet shop and for example bake some delicious cake with honey!

Coronavirus has been the hot topic of this spring, and we also had to endure two weeks of complete isolation after we came back from the spring market in Plauen, Germany. Luckily in addition to normal grocery delivery we had the unlimited source of honey, which resulted in boosting immune system with propolis and exploring various hot drinks with flavoured honey. Our new favourite is honey ginger drink!

We are still working hard here in the honey office delivering your orders, so you can still get your sweet fix by ordering from our webshop!www.polar-honey.com/shop

In Finland you have a new option to get the package delivered to your door.

Your Polar-Honey Team and our hardworking bees

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