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10.01.2019 - Storm brought winter landscape to Finland

winterChristmas market season is over again, year 2019 has begun and our honey team has arrived back to Finland facing the worst winter storm of the season. Whole Finland is suffering from severe snowfall and heavy winds and in some places people have had to survive without electricity. At least we could have a cozy white Christmas.

christmas marketEven when the temperatures can be freezing in Finland, the wet coldness in Germany lures effectively to your bones. Long days in a market hut can be long for our seller in the Christmas markets. On a cold day we can take advantage of the supply from our neighboring huts at the markets and pick up a steaming hot mulled wine to keep us warm. Days at the Christmas markets are full of hard work but also a lot of fun. Especially the honey-loving customers cheer up the day, as they appreciate the clean Nordic nature and know a lot about honey in general. How privileged we feel, when we chit-chat with customers enjoying of the Christmas flair and listen to Christmas carols! Many people pay so much to visit the markets, and we can stay there for the whole season.

Saunagoing has a long tradition in Finland and a Christmas sauna is a must for a real Finnish Christmas. Some people even get to enjoy of the proper smoke sauna, where the chimney is faced inwards and releases smoke inside the sauna to create an authentic atmosphere. After long cold days in German Christmas markets, our sellers can’t wait to get back home to go to sauna, as almost every house in Finland has its own sauna. A part of saunagoing is taking care of your skin with a relaxing sauna honey.

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