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21.06.2018 - Beekeeping and creatures of the forest

bearIn the end of May we transferred bees from their winter sleep station in western Finland about thousand kilometre north to the polar circle. You can spot various forest dwellers on the way up there and this time the driver counted 18 moose. Beekeepers see mooses as peaceful, harmless creatures as they are not interested in beehives, unlike the king of the forest, bear, which is almost craving honey.

beekeepingNumber of bears in Finland has increased over the past few years and it causes trouble to beekeepers. We produce our Polar Honey in areas, that are rich with bears and force us to use electric fences to protect our beehives. A couple weeks ago a big, hungry bear got attracted by the delicious smell of honey and came to take a selfie by a game camera next to beehives.

Beekeepers tend to be quite forest dwellers themselves. They have to be used to in all kinds of weather and terrain. As bees don’t celebrate midsummer or have free weekends, beekeeper also have to be prepared to work all the time. In the case of sudden increase of honey, beekeeper has to be there to add more boxes to the beehive.

The beginning of the summer has been busier than usually. May was the most hot and dry for centuries. We almost jumped straight from winter to summer, which resulted to early start with beehives in the beginning of May and beginning of harvesting a week ago. We are excited to see, that after a break last year we seem to be receiving the beautifully yellow Midnight summer-honey, which mostly comes from blueberry flowers and dandelions.

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