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09.08.2018 - Beekeepers son is curious about the bees

beekeeper sonIt’s been such an incredibly sunny and hot summer! The heat has been especially beneficial for the honey production in the Northern and Eastern Finland. In the west parts of the country we have suffered from draught, which has taken it’s toll on the amount of honey as well. The harvesting season has been especially long this year though, so we are expecting a great and versatile collection of honey. The heat also ensures, that the quality of the honey is very high.


The hot days also keep beekeepers very busy. They have to travel to add boxes in the beehives all around the country. The owner of the company, beekeeper Pasi Seikkula, has been involved more than usually in the general practices of keeping up the beehives. Also his son, Risto (almost 4 years old) has started to show great interest in bees and he has now his own protective overalls, so he can also go to have a closer peek to the beehives. He already can recognice the queen bee and knows how to calm bees down with smoke. Risto is not afraid of bees and his father remembers being equally interested in bees when he was a small boy and followed his father to the beehives.

In summer 1979, when Pasi turned 12, his father Into gave him a birthday present – five own beehives. Into propably had the idea, that Pasi would get equally enthusiastic of bees and accompany him in the beekeeping. He propably never would have thought, that almost a decade later Pasi would quit his dayjob to work full-time as an entrepreneur with bees. We will see, when Risto gets his first very own beehives!

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