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30.09.2022 - Autumn in Finland

Autumn is hereThe days are getting shorter, and temperatures are starting to drop. Lapland is called ''the last wilderness of Europe'', which is true.

Autumn in Finland, especially in the wilderness, the Nordic areas, is a true natural spectacle. Not only can the northern lights already appear in the sky, but also the golden-red-brown blaze of color in the forests is something particularly breathtaking.

We Finns call this time of year ruska. We distinguish between puuruska (puu=tree, i.e., the colors of the leaves on the trees) and maaruska (maa=land, the colors of the bushes, for example). Especially the color change of the blueberry bushes is unique to watch. Their green turns into a bright, glowing red, a sight one will not soon forget.

In general, autumn is a rather relaxing time in Finland. Small local markets are organized, people go out into nature and enjoy the colder and darker days in the sauna in the evenings.

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