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08.08.2022 - Buckwheat Honey - The special kind of honey

Some hate it - some love it

However, our bees love buckwheat for its pollen and nectar-rich flowers. And we too are great lovers of it.

Buckwheat is one of the rarer types of honey in the world. It is believed that buckwheat originally came from China, as buckwheat grains were found there that date back to the 4th-7th century BC. It came to Europe in the 14th century.

Its dark color goes perfectly with its taste, which is malty and a little more powerful.

Buckwheat honey tastes great in herbal tea, in which it is often drunk to calm a stubborn cough. It is rich in iron and is perfect for muesli and salads, for example. At Christmas time it is very popular as an ingredient in gingerbread.


Buckwheat Honey 115g

Buckwheat Honey 275g

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