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28.07.2022 - The somewhat unusual story of a life in Finland! Mandy in Finland

First of all, let's travel almost 10 years into the past. August 2013, NRW in Germany: In a moment of extreme wanderlust, I book a September trip to Finland. The first holiday completely alone and the first time in Finland. The country is not unfamiliar to me at the time because of the music I've been listening to for years.
I also know and love Polar Honey from the Christmas markets in Germany.

I'm heading to Nokia, near Tampere. Since I want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I reserve 2 weeks in a small Mökki (a *typical* Finnish cottage, often in the forest by the lake and equipped with a sauna).
In order to be able to explore the area best, I also rent a small rental car. On one of the tours, I remember that there is a café where the honey is sold.
I enter the address into the navigation system and off we go to Lappi! Mökki Lake

The weather is surprisingly nice all day, for the time of year. The sun is shining, it's not too cold and almost every evening I can watch fantastic sunsets over the lake, from the Mökki.
Arriving in Lappi, I can already see the sign "Lappi-Hunaja" from the road. In the café, I first cover myself in honey :D Especially with Vanilla Temptation, which was my absolute favorite at the time. The perfect companion for my upcoming breakfasts, on the Mökki veranda!

Over the next few days I continue to explore the area and fall madly in love with the many lakes and forests. Probably also because I was relatively lucky with the number of mosquitoes :D

Back in Germany I decide to try my luck and send an email to Polar Honey to ask for a job. Unfortunately there are no vacancies available at the time, so that's it for now. 

Lappi Hunaja Sign2 years later, early 2016 - As life sometimes goes - I'm moving to Finland, Rauma. I start studying in Rauma and find a job relatively quickly. At the end of 2021, I then decide to take a different path and quit my current job.

When I see online that Polar Honey is looking for a beekeeper and also hires inexperienced employees to train them, I am over the moon. Again, I'll apply just in case. The answer came very quickly and I was invited to an interview!
Instead of being a beekeeper, I was offered a place in the office and now I'm really excited! Who would have thought that almost 10 years after my first email, I am living in Rauma and actually working in this team.

My activities here are wide-ranging and I never get bored. For example, I process the orders, maintain contacts, update the page, create posts for Instagram and Facebook, prepare recipes and probably eat more honey than our bear visitors :D In addition to Vanilla Temptation, I would love to eat Horsma all day long. In the beginning I mainly used Horsma to sweeten my morning coffee and for baking/cooking. Due to its antibacterial effect, I now also use it to mix face masks at home or simply apply it pure to let it work for a few minutes. Handy that it's currently on sale 😉 

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