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22.06.2022 - Our Midsummer traditions

Midsummer bonfireOur midsummer (Juhannus) is an ancient tradition, which we are celebrating every year on the Saturday between 20th and 26th of June.

The origins of this Pagan tradition reach far back. Originally it was celebrated as a tribute to Ukko (God of Thunder). Old stories tell us, that he rules over the rain, which is important for a successful harvest. So you better keep Ukko happy ;)

Finland is a bilingual country - Finnish and Swedish. To this day, we are still having bonfires all over the country, while in Swedish-speaking regions you can find maypoles.

Women collect 7 different flowers, to place them under their pillow. It's being said, that then they will meet their future husband in their dreams.

Many Finns also spend the days in their Mökki (summer house) at a lake and relax in their Sauna or while swimming. Sauna

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