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13.07.2022 - Horsma (Fireweed) - The rose of the rascal

Horsma Lapland Honey (Fireweed) is one of the most precious and loved honeys in Finland!In Finland we jokingly gave Horsma (Fireweed) the name ‘’Rentun Ruusu’’  – ‘’The rose of the rascal’’. The name goes back to the story of a man, who can not afford to buy actual roses, after a long night out and brings his wife Horsma flowers instead.

To many people Horsma is nothing but weed, while in fact it is much more than that!

Horsma Lapland honey is one of the most precious and loved honeys in Finland! 

Because even though a huge amount of it grows in many places - it doesn't automatically mean that much honey will come from it.

Also the bees love Horsma!What many people don't know, is how much the weather is affecting the production. There is always a danger, that we will have only a small amount of or even no new honey at all. Due to that and its unique composition, it is to Finns like Finnish Manuka.

Its mild flavor is not just a joy for your tastebuds. According to Finnish studies, it is one of the best honeys to use, for killing at least 60 types of bacteria and it's a great aid, when it comes to several infections and poisoning.

Horsma Lapland Honey 115g

Horsma Lapland Honey 250g

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