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02.02.2022 - Crazy about honey buckets

Wir sind verrückt nach Honigeimern, darum gehören die 1,3 kg-Variante.Us Finns are a strange folk. For example, compared to Germans, we eat around 6x less(!) honey! A big part of the Finnish population has never even tried it. The difference between the 2 countries would be most likely even higher, if there wasn't some crazy honey fans, which could easily compete with Winnie-the-Pooh. A few of us eat the double amount of honey a month, other Finns eat in a whole year!

Auch unsere deutschen Kunden haben sich in die riesigen Honigtöpfe verliebt.Us Finns are also crazy for buckets! Yes, we even collect them. Therefore our 1,3 kg buckets of honey are very popular. Another great point for buying them is the price, which is always lower compared to our smaller sizes.

The first honey we sold in a bucket was Nordic Summer, but our customers’ all-time favorite is the Arctic Honey from the regions of North Finland and North Karelia– With its beautiful golden color and seducing aroma of sun ripened fruits and flowers, it’s also the biggest pride of our beekeeper Pasi Seikkula.

His father Into, who started with beekeeping already in 1945, taught him the secrets of this profession.

Arktischer Honig ist der ganze Stolz unseres Imkers Pasi Seikkula.‘’As a little boy I watched my father taking carefully care of these stinging, flying creatures. In my opinion bees are fascinating and interesting. In the summer of 1979, when I was 12 years old, my father gifted me 5 beehives, just for me alone.’’ 🐝

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