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03.08.2021 - Frosty flower brings the dancing snowflakes in the middle of summer

JääkukkaPropolisThe variety of nature has some downsides – even when the mosquitoes and other bugs are great nutrition for the birds, the itchy bites are an annoyance to us humans. Propolis is a substance made by bees in order to protect their hive from viruses and bacteria. Our Propolis comes as an extract, which you can use both internally and, on your skin, – it can even be used for bug bites.

It has been extremely hot in Finland over the summer, as we have been complaining/praising. A refreshing solution to this heat is Frosty Flower – this honey treat reminds you of the chilly snowflakes and mirrors the Finnish soul by it’s fresh taste from vodka and propolis. The festive taste brightens up your spirit and takes your mind to the minus degrees and snow-covered landscapes.

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