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15.07.2021 - Honey season is blooming in the north!

Midnight sunFireweed LaplandFlower fields and yards have been looking like under an attack of small suns – the reason for this is obviously beautifully blooming dandelion. Dandelion honey is a soft, spreadable honey with a flowery aromatic flavour. Our Midnight Sun has gotten its name from the sunny spirit of the origin flower and the bright nights of the Nordic summer.

Our beekeepers have had their hands full, as the hot summer days increase the weight of the beehive in a vast speed. Finland has experienced a rare heat wave over the past weeks. While admiring the beauty of the nature in the north, we found a new spot for our beehives in Keminmaa, in the middle of the fireweed fields. Soon we are expecting to harvest Fireweed Lapland-honey, which is almost clear in colour and has a subtle taste of vanilla.

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