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18.06.2021 - Remember our honey mustards for the BBQ season of the midsummer!

Midsummer honeyThe summer is here! Here in the north it means, that the sun only dives under the horizon for a short time and mostly we enjoy of the daylight almost 24/7. On a stroll in the night you can observe bees slowly buzzing in the flowers. The nature almost explodes to it’s full bloom at this time and the nectar the bees collect has a tiny bit of polarlight in it. In Finland we celebrate midsummer, “Juhannus”, next week. It is the celebration of the summer and light, and most people will party until the morning. Important parts of this celebration are bonfires and different kinds of love spells. For this beautiful time of the year we recommend our Nordic Summer-honey!

While you are laying in the sun and enjoying of the summer, at some point you might notice that you get hungry. The grill on the terrace is surely inviting you to experiment on summer cooking! Honey marinade is the perfect addition to any grilled dishes. You can put the choice of food (chicken, meat, tofu) in the marinade and let it sit while you tan yourself in the sun or catch some fish on the lake.

Honey mustardOur honey mustards are a great addition for sausages, and to any grilled dishes and marinades. In our honey mustard selection you can find for example a sweet garlic mustard, fiery chili mustard and a berrilicious lingonberry mustard.
Check all our mustards here!

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