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08.06.2021 - Have you already heard of our new "Honeylicious Tea Moment"-combo?

Honeylicious Tea MomentOur delicious teas have received a warm welcome from our customers and to be honest, we are not surprised: these lovely flavours have turned all of us in the honey office into tea drinkers in no time! To celebrate these amazing products, we have created a nice package with all our four new teas, three special honeys, and as an extra a teacup with our logo and a small honey spoon. So treat yourself, or spread the love – maybe this could be the most exotic present of a summer wedding?

Honeylicious Tea Moment includes these four teas: Loimu – liquorice tea, Repo – Buckthorn Tea, Saaga – Herbal Tea, Varpu – Blueberry Tea.
In addition, there are these three special honeys in 275g jars:
Nordic Summer is like a sunny ray of light from the prettiest flower fields of the summer. Children often say that this honey is like fudge!
Arctic Honey is the pride of our production. It gets its amazing flavour and liquidy consistency from the forest berry flowers and willowherb, which grow in the ancient, remote forest regions of Finland.
Dance of the northern lights has the delicate beauty, like the bursting colours of the wintery Nordic sky. This honey gets its sophisticated flavour from the wild raspberry flowers.

Click here to see more about the tastiest set of the season!

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