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06.05.2021 - We celebrate our lovely mothers on 9th of May!

Mustikka LaplandOn Mother’s Day we celebrate the most important people of our lives: mothers and grandmothers, who wholeheartedly care for their loved ones. On Mother’s Day in Finland, we tend to celebrate by bringing our mother’s breakfast in bed, and/or continuing with a brunch with coffee – having a coffee is an important ritual in any celebrations and life events in Finland. On a stroll in the nature coffee tastes even better!Coffee Blossom

By the way, our honey flavoured with mocca, Coffee Blossom, is a perfect way to sweeten your coffee. Many people put sugar in their coffee, but honey would give the same level of sweetness with a smaller amount. Try the next time when you have a coffee, you will be surprised how delicious it is! Also, having a spoonful of this coffee honey can replace a cookie, as it is delicious to eat as it is.


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