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06.04.2021 - Quality from the beehive to your doorstep

Spring beesOur bees are happily buzzing around in the warm rays of the spring sun, and our beekeeper is checking the beehives for the upcoming season. Last winter was quite harsh, but it seems our beehives have not suffered from it – good news for the honey crops!

Quality management is the key to all our practices, and it is our pride, that the journey of the honey from the beehive to you is as convenient as possible. It is close to our heart, that in addition to the tasty treats, purchase procedure is a nice experience for you :-)

Honey packageWe have renewed our packing procedures in a way, that our honey jars travel in sturdy cardboard grids – who would want to open a sticky box after all! So you can safely order our delicious honeys and enjoy of them in the spring sun.

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