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19.01.2018 - Chilly winter greetings from Finland!

winterfreshWe are very thankful for all of you numerous visitors in our huts at Christmas markets all around Germany! Even when the days at the market are long and busy for our hardworking sellers, they are also a lot of fun because of nice conversations with our customers. The christmas market season is now over, and all our sweet sellers have flown back to Finland.

After a relatively cold and rainy Christmas season we have arrived to chilly and this year also very snowy Finnish winter. We are experiencing minus degrees daily and some parts of the country have even been without electricity for days. In Eastern Finland there is over one meter of snow and it has actually gotten dangerous, when the heavy piles of snow gather on top of branches of trees and can silently fall down on people wandering in the forests.

It will surely snow even more before the spring starts. The bears are comfortably hibernating, but our bees are awake and happy also when it is so cold. In a beehive the temperature stays always over 20 degrees Celsius, as the bees move to keep the queen warm.

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