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27.03.2021 - Good food makes us Finns happy!

Honey on toast is a great way to start a day!Do you want to know, what makes Finns happy? Delicious food and clean nature are totally playing their part! Here we have some amazing tips on how to make your Easter buffet better than ever. “Queen Bee’s Brunch Set” includes three delicious, creamy natural honey types and two flavoured honeys.

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Lumous Lapland ♥ Dance of the Northern Lights ♥ Midnight Sun

Honey on toast is a great way to start a day and gives positive energy to the whole day. These three natural honeys open doors to new worlds of taste: “Dance of the Northern Lights” is a mild and sophisticated raspberry flower honey; “Midnight Sun” brings the sunny aroma of dandelion fields to your kitchen; and Lumous Lapland is a piece of the magical north.

Vanilla Temptation
There is no brunch without a cup of coffee (or several, we don’t judge!). Our favourite is a vanilla latte with our Vanilla Temptation-honey – it gives the coffee soft sweetness and makes the coffee time luxurious.

Vanilla Temptation Honey

Morning Sun
Forget maple syrup, our orange honey Morning Sun is the best choice for pancakes! What a refreshing, fruity flavour.

Morning Sun Honey

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