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22.03.2021 - The harmony of cheese and honey makes taste buds happy

Harmony of cheese and honey We have made an enormous job for you, and tasted different cheeses with different honeys to let you know, which combinations work the best. Here are the results of this delicious task! We are also keen to hear, which honey you like to use with your favourite cheese.

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The set includes these fabulous honeys:

Nightless night
This aromatic honey has it’s herby character from linden flowers and suits perfectly together with camembert

Nightless Night - Honey

Taiga Lapland
The swamp regions of the arctic north can be tasted in this honey, which accompanies blue cheese and brie.

Taiga Lapland - Honey

Enchanted Forest
You can taste the honeydew in this lovely treat of the forest! It creates a nice combination with blue cheese.

Enchanted Forest - Honey

Arctic Honey
This honey has gathered a beautiful flavour from forest flowers. It is a perfect pair for mild cheeses.

Arctic Honey

Heather Honey
This almost bitter sweet honey is like marmalade and fits well with strong cheeses like smoked cheese or matured cream cheese.

Heather Honey


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