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25.02.2021 - Using honey is a tasty way to save the world

Using honey is a tasty way to save the worldWhile reaching towards the honey jar in the breakfast table one rarely thinks, what a ecologically beneficial habit eating honey actually is. Beekeeping enrichens the flora of the region and bees are essential for many plants. A beehive next to a buckwheat field can enhance the crops up to 50%, and blueberries thrive after the bees have been flying around in the forests. So, it is a good idea to add another spoon over the morning porridge and the nature says thank you!

The quality of honey is an important factor – as honey is the most forged food item in the world. In Finland, the quality control of honey is an extremely strict process and forgeries have hardly been detected in decades.Our rare honeys are our pride, and we observe carefully that the bees are in the most beautiful nature regions of Finland exactly at the right time collecting nectar and creating fascinating, flavorful natural honeys from it.

Like many our customers already know, after eating all of the delicious honey the pretty honey jar can be used in storing small items, herbs or berries.

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