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21.01.2021 - Moving beehives in freezing temperatures

Winter beehivesSnowstorms and freezing weather have Finland on its knees – in the frostiest regions the temperatures have dropped to -35°C! Even when there is one meter of snow and coldness, the bees are not sleeping, but wide awake inside the beehive in a winter cluster form. The bees on the outer parts of the cluster move their wings to generate heat, while the bees on the inside parts focus on feeding the larvae. In then middle of the +20°C cluster is the queen bee.

Bees are sensitive to cold, and beehives should rather be left unopened during the winter months. A landowner asked us to move some beehives, so we went to the forest to carefully carry them away after a snowstorm.

Frosty weather is a perfect partner to our cool Peppermint Drop - honey! After a day of ice skating, a peppermint drop hot chocolate is a lovely treat. Braver ones make a shot by mixing peppermint drop with vodka. Camille tea or warm milk with a big spoon of peppermint drop honey is a peaceful treat before going to bed.

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