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23.12.2020 - Sauna honey crowns your sauna ritual

Sauna-girlSaunaOne of the most important parts of Finnish Christmas celebrations is a Christmas sauna. The whole family goes to the sauna to wash away the worries and relax. Often Santa Claus visits the house when the children are in the sauna and leaves the presents under the Christmas tree.

Our Sauna Honey is the best company in sauna! It has a crystallized consistency, which is amazing for peeling of a tired skin. Sauna honey is 100% natural honey, so feel free to taste it as well! You are also not forbidden to take a spoon to the sauna with you ;-) In addition to the great taste, this honey makes your skin incredibly soft and rejuvenated.

 Massage the sauna honey on a damp skin, go to the sauna for 10-15 minutes and wash away with warm water. You will feel like reborn!

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