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28.10.2020 - Dark and malty Buckwheat Honey gives energy to dark days

Beehives close to buckwheat fields are filled with this dark delicacy – buckwheat honey has a recognizable, distinguished taste and almost black colour. In Arabic regions there is a belief, that buckwheat honey enhances masculine strength. The taste of buckwheat honey is strong and definitely not for everyone – many wonder how a natural honey can taste so different!

Buckwheat crops benefit a lot from polluters, and that is why it is beneficial both for the plants and bees to locate the beehives close to buckwheat fields. In 2020 the best beehive of the season was from a buchwheat region – the beehive produced a whopping 185kg of honey!

Because of its strong, malty flavor, buckwheat honey is a great addition to grill sauces and marinades. It also works well as a sweetener in porridge – just add a chuck of butter and a spoonful of buckwheat honey on your porridge for a fresh start of the day!

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