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14.10.2020 - Refreshing Winterfresh-Foot Bath

Our Winterfresh-honey is a great choice for the colder months of the year. The strong eucalyptusoil clears your airways and lifts your spirit! A healthier option instead of Eucalyptus-candies. Try this honey also mixed in hot water or as a remedy for cold with black currant juice.Eucalyptus-honey

You deserve some luxury in your everyday life every now and then. Therefore we share this awesome way to pamper yourself – a Winterfresh-foot bath! Some eucalyptus-honey in a warm foot bath refreshes tired feet and softens the skin. The smell of the bath is also divine!

Refreshing foot bath

Mix 1-2 tsp Winterfresh-Honey and some sea salt in a bowl of warm water. Enjoy of the foot bath for 15-30 minutes. Rinse your feet with water and use your favorite foot cream if you want.

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