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21.09.2020 - Apple chips and flavourful Grandpas New Honey Dream

Apple chips with your favourite honeyThe first colours of the fall are starting to appear to the greenness of Finnish nature and cool mornings are hinting of the end of this summer. Hiking in the crisp autumn air gives energy and a sports drink spiced up with honey is a great way to keep you going.

In addition to the great energy spike given by honey, a nice snack for the autumn hikes are dried apple chips. Apple can be dried in mild heat in the oven, if you don’t happen to own a vegetable dryer. Flavour apple chips with your favourite honey and use your favourite spices. Our favourite choice for this recipe is Grandpa’s New Honey Dream, that is flavoured with apple, cinnamon and cognac! Also our Ginger Wonder is a great partner for apple chips.

Apple Chips

  • Apples
  • Water
  • Lemon juice
  • Your favourite honey
  • Your favourite spices, like ginger, cinnamon, cardamom or vanilla

Fill a large bowl with water and squeeze lemon juice into it. Cut apples in thin slices and drown them in the bowl in order to prevent them from turning dark. Pour the lemon water away and season the apple slices with your favourite honey and spices. Place the slices individually on a baking paper on a oven dish and bake in a 75 degree oven overnight (at least eight hours). Place a spoon between the oven door, so moisture can escape from the oven. The drier the chips, the better are they preserved. Let the apple chips cool and store in a dry place.

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