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20.08.2020 - Nightless Night-honey charms with amazing flavour

Yoton YoIt’s the season for people to get lost in woods! People hungry for berries take a risk to wander off in the unknown forest regions and end up having search parties running around trying to locate them. Bees, unlike humans, never get distracted by deliciously blooming fields but always find a way back home with their excellent navigation skills. Bees draw a precise mindmap of the location of their beehive based on sun, landmarks and their senses. Bees also have a delicate dance language to inform other bees, where the best flower fields are. This is why it is a bad idea to leave a jar of honey open outdoors, or you might get a visit from an entire beehive.

We can enjoy of long bright days still a bit longer. Relaxing on a pier by the lake, admiring the calm surface in the early morning hours is a Finnish version of meditation. Our bees also take advantage of the daylight and fly around as long as they have visibility. The colour of our Nightless Night-honey reflects the first rays of the morning sun. Aromatic, herby flavour and cardamom notes come from linden and remind you of wonderful night walks in the fields.

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