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23.07.2020 - Use honey to preserve the berries of the season

KorpimansikkaBerries are slowly getting ripe deep in the woods and in the garden bushes, so it is a perfect time to make a small trip to the closest forest for a delicious snack. While freezing these amazing vitamin bombs of nature, remember that honey is a great addition to the berries. Honey preserves the colour, taste abd freshness of the berries in the freezer. You can experiment with different special honeys and flavoured honeys! One of our favourites is blueberries and raspberries preserved with Lemon Flirt – it is a great addition to vanilla ice cream in the cool autumn days. Lemon Flirt can be softened in hot water bath if needed.

Even with the variety of products, Arctic honey is still the most popular treat amongst our products. This glowingly golden honey gets collected from the cleanest and most untouched forest regions of Finland. Flowers of the forest berries and Willowherb give this honey a complex, fruity flavor and long-lasting liquidity.

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