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By subscribing the newsletter from Polar-Honey Finland you get interesting news and updates from the fascinating life of the bees and accurate status of honey production about once a month. You also get information about new products, special prices and upcoming markets and other events. As a subscriber of our newsletter you are entitled to request the termination of your personal information and cancelling the newsletter subscription by contacting the customer service.

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Rules of the raffle

Every couple of months we draw a winner for the honey product package worth of 93 € from all new subscribers, who have given the permission to receive our newsletter by e-mail.

Organizer of the raffle:

Polar-Honey Finland / Pasiina Oy, Sahamäentie 25, 27230 Lappi, Finland, VAT FI08390701, Customer service: Tel. +358 (0)44 557 2221 / E-mail: honey@polar-honey.com

Taking part on the raffle:

You can take part of the raffle by subscribing Polar-Honey Finland's e-mail newsletter to your own, functioning e-mail address. Taking part of the raffle is free. You are allowed to take part on the raffle as a private person excluding the employees of the organizer. By taking part on the raffle you accept the rules of the raffle.

Campaign period:

Every couple of months

Announcing the winner and publicity:

We draw a winner every couple of months among the new subscribers of the newsletter. The winner will be notified by the organizer to the provided e-mail address. The organizer will agree of the arrangements of the price with the winner. The organizer has a right to announce the winners initals on their webpage and their Facebook-page. If the winner cannot be reached during the five working days following the raffle, the organizer keeps the right to draw a new winner.

Handling personal information:

The following information will be collected from the participants and winners of the raffle: First name, last name and e-mail address from everyone and also the postal addresses of the winners. Organizer does not use the contact information for anything else than the raffle, except for the e-mail addresses. The information is not stored longer than necessary, and will be wiped out. The participant has a right at any point to request a removal of the contact information and unsubscription of the newsletter. 

The price and delivery:

The price of the raffle is a honey product package worth of 101 €. The package will be sent to an address provided by the winner or the delivery will be agreed by some other means with the winner.

Limitations of the price and the responsibility of the winner:

The prices are personal and cannot be transferred to another person. The worth of the price cannot be transferred into money.

Responsibility of the organizer:

The responsibility of the organizer towards the participants never exceeds the worth and amount of the price stated in these rules.

Following the rules of the raffle:

By taking part on the raffle the participants commit to follow these rules and decisions of the organizer. The organizer has the right to remove a participation of the raffle if it does not follow the rules stated above. The organizer has the right to make decisions in unclear situations of the interpretation and application of the rules.

Allowance of legal proceedings:

Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

Usage of the law:

The laws of Finland are followed in executing the raffle.

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