Honey team

Our Polar-Honey Team is a big, family-like group. The brains of our girls in the office, constantly create new ideas and campaigns. During the main season, our beekeepers are going around Finland, to take care of our millions of little helpers. Afterwards our production team is packing the honey with lots of love. During the Christmas time, we have an additional big group of joyful sales assistants, for the christmas markets.

Here are our main workers:

Pasi the leader of our company.

The leader of our company. He is present in everything, that relates to our Polar-Honey team. He is development-oriented and he gets his best ideas when relaxing in the sauna. It’s his calling to produce quality honey and give people a good feeling.

Tanja our honey bear mama

Our honey-bear-mama, who is successfully working with the German bureaucracy and doesn’t fear all the paperwork. Many of our unique honey pot labels, are a result of her eye for aesthetic things.

Anita the iron lady

The iron lady of our team, who holds the purse strings. She works hard and programs things for our webpage, us others could not even dream of. We already secretly wondered if she’s a cyborg. If she could, she would stay in the home office, in her Mökki in Kuusamo and spend the day working from her terrace.

Mirva the working force of the productionMirva
A real working force, whose voice is so loud, that the wind easily carries it to the next village. She doesn’t fear hard and physical work. Mirva can be found most times in our production plant.

Come to work with us!

Would you like to become a part of our joyful team? From time to time, we are looking for people to join our team. If you think you’re the perfect fit for us, feel free to send us an open application! Especially during the Christmas time (November-December), we need a lot of salesperson, when we take part of the German Christmas markets.
Salesperson / product presenter in GermanyE-Mail: honey(a)polar-honey.com
Please add the position you’re interested in, in the subject line.

Possible job assignments:

  • Salesperson / product presenter in Germany (November-December, duration ca. 4-6 weeks, requirements: good oral skills in German and Finnish)
  • Beekeeper in Lappi, Rauma (May-October, duration ca. 3-6 months)
  • Production worker (e.g. packing honey) in Lappi, Rauma (August-December, duration ca. 6 months)

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