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Beekeepers at work Even as a small company we have a need for seasonal staff to take care of the bees and production in the summer and for sales in the autumn. The biggest need is from November to December, when we participate on several Christmas Markets in Germany and need a lot of sales staff.

If you are interested in working in the sweet world of honey, please send us your application letter and CV via e-mail: lappihunaja@lappi-hunaja.fi. Please state in the header, which job you are interested in.

Possible job assignments:In Germany we need sales personal

  • Beekeeper in Lappi, Rauma (May-October, duration ca. 3-6 months)
    Requirements: Good oral skills in English or Finnish, B-drivers licence
  • Production worker (e.g. packing honey) in Lappi, Rauma (June-December, duration ca. 6 months)
    Requirements: Good oral skills in English or Finnish or Thai
  • Office assistant / Sales assistant in Lappi, Rauma and Germany (August-January, duration ca. 6-7 months)
    Requirements: Good oral and written skills in German and Finnish
  • Salesperson / Product presenter in Germany (November-December, duration ca. 4-6 weeks)
    The application period ends yearly in the beginning of October.
    Requirements: Good oral skills in German and Finnish, experience abroad is beneficial
  • Salesperson / Product presenter in Lappi, Rauma (mostly in the autumn, part-time work)
    Requirements: B-drivers licence, driving experience with a van
    Good oral skills in Finnish
  • Building and taking down element Christmas Market huts in Germany (November-December, duration couple of weeks)
    Requirements: B- and C-drivers licenses; driving experience
    Good oral skills in Finnish; knowledge of English and/or German is beneficial

In Finland we also need sales personal

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